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Antique Rugendas Gilt-Silver-Brass Equinoctial Sundial


Offered for sale is the very rare antique 18th century NICHOLAS RUGENDAS Augsburg pattern gilt silvered and brass equinoctial compass sundial, circa 1710, signed Nicolaus Rugendas Augsp. 48, the hour ring with Arabic numerals and spring-loaded gnomon, the silvered folding latitude are engraved 0-90, with spring-loaded leveling support and plummet, the silvered compass with rotating central volvelle for 30 either side of SEPTEMBRIO (for variational setting), the underside of the compass box with knob for central volvelle and engraved with the latitudes of thirty-six continental cities and towns - - 2 in. (7 cm.) long.

Nikolaus Rugendas gilt brass and silver Augsburg dial, German, early 18th century, signed Nicolaus Rugendas in Augsp. 48 Gr, the octagonal dial with silver compass rose and rotatable disc for setting the magnetic variation, the base plate mounted with hinged plumb-bob support, latitude arc and hour ring with gnomon.

Lit.: Bobinger, M.: Alt-Augsburger Kompassmacher, Verlag Rösler Augsburg 1966: S. 292 und Abb. S. 160. A Nikolaus Rugendas III (1665-1745) horizontal Sun & Moon Dial Augsburg c. 1710

A Sundial is an instrument for marking time based on the shadow of a pointer (the gnomon) cast by the sun on a graduated plane. It was the main method of judging time before the 16th and 17th centuries and were often made of silver.

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  • Model: Antique Rugendas Sundial c.1710

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