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Antique Meurand Equinoctial Dial, circa 1779


Offered for sale is the Antique ANTOIONE JOSEPH MMEURAND, brass Table Equinoctial Dial, French, Circa 1779. The dial is signed on the base Meurand, consisting of a shaped horizontal base plate with three leveling screws. at one end of the base is a curved support for a plummet which ay be folded down along the back edge when not in use. A rotatable disc is mounted to the base plate which carries the hinged arc hour scale divided IIII-XII-VII reading to fifteen minutes. Across the diameter of the hour arc is an arbor in 'U' shaped bracket at its center. The bracket is engraved on one side and divided 0-60 and reads to three seconds by a diagonal scale engraved. The hour arc is adjusted against the hinged latitude arc which is divided 0-70 degrees.

Provenance: Sotheby's Auction, Oct.2004;Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University - similar. Time Museum Inventory No. 1160

Genealogy: Antoine-Joseph Meurand, France 1750-1785; 1766 - au Compas des Genies, Rue de Cloitre St. Jacques, Paris; 1769 -vRue saint Louis. lle de la Cite, Paris; 1771 - Quay de I'Horloqe du Palais, Paris.

Literature: de Celle, Bedos Gnomonique pratique, Paris, second edition, 1774

Provenance: A private collection. This is an authentic antique sundial. This is an original piece! We guarantee the authenticity of this item.

Shipping to the Continental United States and worldwide. Please look at the picture and read the description, which form a part of the condition description. What you see and what you read is what you are buying

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This product would make a wonderful addition to any scientific instrument or sundial collection when displayed in a prominent place, being a grand collectible item that would adorn any serious collector's prized scientific instrument and sundial accumulations, while showing a discriminating dedication for fine sundials and other scientific instrument items as well as a devotion to acquiring fine collectibles.

Sellers exclusively use the USPS as its' shipper (insurance available).

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Horizontal Sundial: the common or compass/sundial with a horizontal dial plate and polar-pointing gnomon.

Latitude: is the angular position of a place north or south of the equator. Positive values in the Northern hemisphere, negative in the Southern hemisphere.

Style Height / Style Angle (SH): of a polar style is the angle that the style makes with the sub-style line.

Sub-Style (line): the line lying in the dial plane which is perpendicularly below (or behind for a vertical dial) the style.

Hour Line: the line on a dial plate indicating the shadow position at a particular time (includes fractional as well as whole hours).

Hour Angle (h, HA): the angle corresponding to the sun's position around its daily (apparent) orbit. Measured westward from local noon, it increases at a rate of 15° per hour. Thus 3 pm (Local Apparent Time) is 45° and 9 am is -45°.

Hour Line Angle (X, HLA): the angle that an hour line on a dial plate makes with the noon line. For a horizontal dial, the angle increases clockwise.

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